Mandersloot - Transport





Your customer is our customer

Companies set high standards for the transport and storage of their products. Speed and safety play an increasingly important role. Therefore, Mandersloot works with qualified and professional staff. Supported by the latest technologies and communication systems. As a result, we offer strict control over quality and timeliness of delivery. Total unburdening is our goal (comfort). You can have complete confidence that your goods arrive in good condition at your customer. Because your customer is our customer.


Meticulous planning team (available 24 hours per day)

Experienced drivers
“Just-in-time” and full delivery


On-board GPS computers (24-hour communication)
Safety of drivers, cargo and vehicles
Hygiene-proof in terms of refrigerated food products


Refrigerated, normal and part transport

To and from all destinations in (Eastern) Europe

Customer as partner: ease of good cooperation